Public Commitment 2021 – Recap

The last year didn’t go well with regard to my goals.

Because of a lot of different circumstances, I spent very little time reflecting on the goals I made and working towards them.

Though covid didn’t have a personal impact on me per se (I did catch it, but next to the loss of smell for a few days, had no other negative consequences), the time of being at home the whole time didn’t positively influence me.

I won’t bore you, the reader, with too much detail, here is a mini recap of the goals I set.

Goal 1: Write something every day

I’ve kept up with writing and actually produced a report of 200 pages in the summer, I didn’t write each day. It’s something that I do want to do most days and hopefully will get to in another form with my 2022 public commitment.

Goal 2: Promote my work

This is something I haven’t done enough of when I look back. Still, something that I aspire to do and could take more action on. For Blossom, there will be a lot of promotional activities coming up, and there is much to read and learn about this process.

Seen differently, it’s being proud of what you’ve made and sharing this with a wider audience so they can benefit (and possibly buy some services from you).

Goal 3: Meditate daily

I might have dropped off somewhere, but for the last 3-4 months I’ve been meditating each morning.

Goal 5: Learn 3 songs on the harmonica

Alas, I let this one go and don’t foresee myself picking it up again soon.

Goal 6: Add 2 features to this website

The dark mode is here, no other features were implemented.

Goal 7: Improve my learning process

Here is also room for improvement.

I have updated my work-day scheduling and end of the work day process.

Goal 8: Move more money towards effective charities

Not something I actively accomplished. I did donate quite a bit and the final number should be in the EA page.

Goal 9 (new): Achieve the elusive six-pack

I did work on this and have done a photoshoot at the end of September/beginning of October.

Feel free to ask me about the pictures.

Public Commitment 2022

This year’s theme is Living Fully.

Last year (2021) I found myself being less happy/satisfied/fulfilled than I think I can be.

So this year living fully is the underlying theme.

One example of where I plan to improve is to be better at stopping work at 6pm. This will give me more room to enjoy things in the evening, but also more energy and focus to get work done before that time. As Cal Newport (also featured in last year’s update) would say, we are working 20% too much (number of tasks/commitments), and by cutting out some of that, also next to work (e.g. voorzitter VvE, EA Rotterdam meetups), I think I can be more fulfilled and produce better results in the end.

Here is the preliminary Q1 2022 plan

  • Blossom: get (average) revenue >€3000
  • Flo Coaching: Book 10 clients
  • Sport: Finish 19km obstacle run (start of April)
  • Relationships: Stop working after 18:00 on most days
  • Life: Read in evenings (vs YT etc)
  • House: Plan new kitchen

Public Commitment 2021 – Update 1

This years theme is Serial Tasking. The goal is to be more focussed and work on the things I’m saying I will work on.

Recently I’ve been listening a lot to the podcast by Cal Newport (Deep Work) and the biggest concept from there is time blocking. Something I do, but then am not as good at enforcing as I should be.

In my own words, time blocking means planning out your day (according to your weekly plan, which is building on your monthly/quarterly plan). And then doing exactly that which you had planned in that time.

Ways I can improve on doing this (vs switching to different tasks), is to have either my notebook open (where I make the planner on paper), and/or the iPad open with Toggl running (which indicates the time block that is ongoing). I think that I should also start discussing the day with Onno, Queal co-founder, again.

Ok, enough rambling, onto the goals for this year.

Goal 1: Write something every day

I have been writing things, but not consistently every day. I now have that time-blocked in the morning so that I can focus on writing before I jump into email and all that.

I have also started using Calendly to start grouping calls on Thursdays so I have more time also on other days to write.

One big thing that will help with writing is that the database should be nearing the finish line so I should, after that, have more time to focus on writing each day.

And just to note, this could be anything as small as a few paragraphs about a psychedelic term, to a long book review (or part of an essay that I can publish independently – I think the metric should be to publish something each day).

Goal 2: Promote my work

I’ve been doing this ok-ish on Twitter for Blossom. There are still many more ways to do this that I know of already.

Another way to become better at this, is to partner with someone who has more feeling for this. But I think the first part is, that I block time (during my end-of-work checklist <- I’ve been making a few of these) each day to see/check if I’ve shared my work that day.

Another part of the things that I want to share is more art work. But for now, I fear that I wont have enough time to do that.

Goal 3: Meditate daily

Going very well. I don’t know how much transfers to being more aware during the day, but is a good start of the day (followed by some exercises).

Goal 5: Learn 3 songs on the harmonica

I have been practicing some, but less than I wanted. Still, I think I can already play 3 songs if I’m looking at the notes.

This month I’ve switched my goal from playing each day (which wasn’t working), to playing 3x p/w.

Goal 6: Add 2 features to this website

The dark mode is done (can of course improve it, but no priority now).

I do have plans for adding more search functions to the book reviews and have already added my Obsidian notes so that I can find them here too.

Goal 7: Improve my learning process

The addition of Obsidian should help with this process. Still, I don’t (very) regularly make notes there.

One thing that has been going well is studying my Anki notes, and I plan to add more notes to there to really keep the spaced repetition going.

Goal 8: Move more money towards effective charities

This is something for later months, but for now I’ve made the post for GWWC and plan to publish my blog for the EA forum sometime soon.

And, some more concrete goals for Blossom and Queal


  1. Increase revenue by 20%
    1. Ongoing, did some experiments in the first few months of this year
    2. Brexit has not been nice to us, but hopefully all solved by next week


  1. Launch/run Blossom Analysis (ongoing!)
    1. Weekly updates
    2. Database
    3. Essays (psychedelics and …)
  2. Launch/run Blossom Guides (later, if we’re vaccinated)
    1. 2 to 3 sessions per week by mid 2021
    2. Possibly together with other coaches
  3. Launch/run smaller projects (first two going well, last two in statis)
    1. PsychedelicsBooks
    2. PsychedelicsCourses
    3. PsychedelicsDirectory
    4. PsychedelicsProtocol
  4. Launch/Kickstart PsychedeliCards (no, not enough time, maybe before holidays)
    1. First half of 2021

Finally, some goals that are more for fun/relaxation/habit

  1. Do sports 5 out of every 7 days (yes)
    • Same for mobility training (yes, but only short)
  2. Achieve <12% bodyfat (not currently main focus)
  3. Play videogames for more than 100 hours (estimate 2020: <10 hours) (going well)
  4. Drink fewer alcoholic drinks than last year (estimate/log 2020: sum 559, average 1.5, median 0 (more days no drinks), max 15, 10+ 5 times, ~56.000kcal ~18 days of energy) (90 so far, so on schedule)
  5. Learn to ride a motorcycle (first exam done, two more to go)

Public Commitment 2020 – Update 4

This year my theme was Upgrade. The goal is to use the things I already know and apply/improve/renew them to build more new things.

As I look back on 2020 I see that in some ways I’ve held true to this theme. I’ve been able to use knowledge I had before and build on that. For instance, I’ve been very consistent in weightlifting, knowing a thing or two about programming. And even using this to be flexible when the gyms are (still) closed.

I think that in other regards I haven’t been focussed enough on my goals/theme. I’ve been doing a lot of things for Blossom (my new company, goal 5) and that has been very rewarding. Yet at the same time, I’ve neglected other things like writing essays or make time to write summaries of books (through which I believe I will be better able to remember them).

I have started working more on knowledge systems like spaced repetition (using Anki – a flashcard app). In the coming year I plan to build this out further. But before we go to 2021, here is my reflection on the goals of 2020.

Goal 1: Write Nova (and possibly other short stories)

As mentioned in the last update, not something that has a priority for me now. I have updated my daily check-in to ask not if I’ve written for 30 minutes, but if I’ve written something original. So diverting it from the original goal of writing fiction to also include anything written here or for Blossom or Queal.

Goal 2: Improve this website

This worked well and I’m happy with how the website looks. I do have plans for some more things (like dark mode and some adjustments to the homepage). Not very high on the priority list, but definitely something to do.

Goal 3: Do something crazy for love

Alas, all my plans were thwarted by the ongoing pandemic. Or I just wasn’t serious enough about completing this goal with the current circumstances.

Goal 4: Write essays about 6 topics

The post about Effective Altruism took a long time, but I’m happy with the result. I do plan on writing more (smaller) posts for the next year.

In the end I’ve written/worked on 4 posts/topics.

Goal 5: Start a new and successful venture

Still going very well in terms of developing my understanding of psychedelics and mapping the territory.

Not going that well in terms of monetization. I also haven’t put in much work to get that going to be honest. But it is something to work on in the coming year. This could either be the coaching I’m planning to do (post-covid?) and the online resources that should be able to make some money.

Public Commitment 2021

This years theme is Serial Tasking.

In 2021 I aim to be better at doing one task at a time. Writing this post, not browsing online to distract myself. Reading a book, not checking my phone every few pages.

Another way of expressing this theme is being indistractable.

If I do want to take a break from one activity, or switch to another task, I should be cognisant of doing that.

I have the following implementation intentions planned to make this theme work:

  • Phone away, especially when reading (or when sleeping)
  • Toggl (time tracking) open on iPad to be more aware of the current task and to make conscious switching even more frictionless
  • Become better at doing nothing when taking a break vs finding something (useless things like YouTube) as a distraction
    • Picking up meditation again to become better at this
    • And when I learn to work better with Affinity Designer (Photoshop-like) I can also see myself doodling more (or just on paper)
  • Manage my environment better by being more proactive in when I can or can’t be bothered (read: WFH life)
  • Do different activities in different places (e.g. reading in chair, break on couch)

One thing I want to achieve with this theme is to continue to learn about and understand the world. The topics below are, somewhat in order, the things want to learn and write about here on this website.


  1. Animal Welfare & Ethics of Eating Meat
    • What is your personal impact?
    • What is the impact on people (who work in the industry, health, pandemics)?
    • Arguments for/against consciousness (level) of animals
  2. Eat for Health & Energy
    • Revisit essay and update habits
  3. Flexible Weightlifter
    • Revisit essay if necessary, already have a plan for this year
  4. Reason and Science
    • Write a page that details my philosophy/summarizes how I see the world
    • Probably will feature many mini posts that could themselves turn into longer posts
  5. Effective Altruist
    • Update my essay/write a new one about how to effectively spread the ideas of EA
    • Or how to do this in the best way for myself (i.e. is that speaking more about it, writing more online (in Dutch), showing my donations, how to measure this all)
  6. Dog Whisperer
    • Teach Max not to bark at the doorbell (be less on guard) and not to eat stuff in the street – I have a plan for both, probably won’t be an essay
  7. Financial Independence
    • Revisit essay, possibly focus more on the time x money aspect
  8. Writing
    • Possibly continue to write fiction again
  9. Stoicism (Philosophy of Life)
    • Explore this in more depth, bring together ideas from several books
  10. Longevity
    • Explore where the research stands this year and what looks promising
  11. Meditation
    • Write down my experiences later in the year
  12. Religion
    • I’ve read quite a bit about religion, but still have to read the primary sources and more direct commentary on this, and then write something from my own perspective
  13. Entrepreneurship/Marketing
    • Learn to better market my own work and make money with it

Next to these ideas for essays/topics, I have some goals I want to achieve in 2021.


Goal 1: Write something every day

Write a book review, essay, notes from things I’ve learned, and more, every day. The difficulty will be in writing something on the weekend. One step I could take is to plan to write a book review (easy to do) or notes on things I’ve learned (vs writing a large essay or the like).

Goal 2: Promote my work

This applies to both Blossom and Queal. Becoming better at marketing what I’ve made and showing what the value is in it. This also implies that I should spend less time on making the actual work (i.e. getting help with that) and more on the marketing of it. I have the resources (websites/ebooks/books), implementation is key here.

Goal 3: Meditate daily

Using Waking Up for this. It also has great lessons that I might listen to after a meditation session.

Goal 5: Learn 3 songs on the harmonica

I’ve been gifted a harmonica for Christmas (per request) and I would like to play music again. The goal for three songs is arbitrary but I think better than ‘learn to play’ in general.

Goal 6: Add 2 features to this website

The first would be the dark mode, the second I don’t know at this moment.

Goal 7: Improve my learning process

This one is still a bit vague but includes more spaced repetition (Anki), atomic notes (Obsidian), discussions with other smart people.

Goal 8: Move more money towards effective charities

Again a bit vaguer. A possible number could be €100.000 if takes off (a website/tool to help others start birthday fundraisers). I think I should be able to donate €10.000 next year so that would already be great by itself.

Goal 9 (new): Achieve the elusive six-pack

I’ve wanted to do this for years. This year is the year.

And, some more concrete goals for Blossom and Queal


  1. Increase revenue by 20%


  1. Launch/run Blossom Analysis
    1. Weekly updates
    2. Database
    3. Essays (psychedelics and …)
  2. Launch/run Blossom Guides (rename?)
    1. 2 to 3 sessions per week by mid 2021
    2. Possibly together with other coaches
  3. Launch/run smaller projects
    1. PsychedelicsBooks
    2. PsychedelicsCourses
    3. PsychedelicsDirectory
    4. PsychedelicsProtocol
  4. Launch/Kickstart PsychedeliCards
    1. First half of 2021

Finally, some goals that are more for fun/relaxation/habit

  1. Do sports 5 out of every 7 days
    • Same for mobility training
  2. Achieve <12% bodyfat
  3. Play videogames for more than 100 hours (estimate 2020: <10 hours)
  4. Drink fewer alcoholic drinks than last year (estimate/log 2020: sum 559, average 1.5, median 0 (more days no drinks), max 15, 10+ 5 times, ~56.000kcal ~18 days of energy)
  5. Learn to ride a motorcycle

Public Commitment 2020 – Update 3

This year my theme is Upgrade. The goal is to use the things I already know, and apply/improve/renew it to build more new things.

That is definitely happening, with me using knowledge about everything from webshops to psychology to make the new projects happen. Also with regards to fitness, I feel that this year has been really good.

It’s already the fourth quarter of this year, how time flies by. Here is an update on the goals I have for this year and how I’m working on them.

Personally, I’m keeping track of the monthly goals in an OKR file on Notion (see the last update to learn about all the systems).

Goal 1: Write Nova (and possibly other short stories)

No bueno. I still want to write, but this is not a priority for me now. Especially as I’m already writing a lot for Blossom (see goal 5) these days.

Goal 2: Improve this website

Most has been done. Still have to work on the dark mode to make that cooler (and have that adjust based on time of day).

Goal 3: Do something crazy for love

We had a fun day on Lotte’s birthday, but I haven’t done a full day (or something like that) in which we were together. I do have an idea for sometime in the future.

Goal 4: Write essays about 6 topics

This was going better at the start of the year. I’ve found that now with high motivation for ‘work’, that I don’t spend too much time writing here. I still need to finish the one about Effective Altruism, and then choose which one to do. It was good that I chose 6 as a goal and will have enough to think (and write) about next year.

Goal 5: Start a new and successful venture

You can check out the progress/projects under this venture at Blossom Act.

It’s been going really well with developing it. On the money-side of things I’m still in the very early days and hope to get some balls rolling soon.

Public Commitment 2020 – Update 2

This year my theme is Upgrade. The goal is to use the things I already know, and apply/improve/renew it to build more new things.

Besides the goals listed below, the biggest thing I’ve done is to start a Zettelkasten. This is a method of making (atomic) notes that are heavily interlinked. The program I’m using for this is Obsidian.

The main feature is the idea that you can link, well, ideas, between different topics. So instead of containing everything to one book review (where I already did some linking to other concepts too), its main function is interlinking.

Another tool I might use is Anki, which is a flashcard program. I think this is for slightly different knowledge, things you want to remember (separately). So individual concepts, but also facts (e.g. when Rome was built, or when someone’s birthday was).

The division of different types of knowledge (notation) would then be as follows:

  • Notion: keeping track of work projects and ideas
  • Google Calendar/Notion: weekly planning
  • Notebook/Notion: daily planning
  • Toggl: keeping track of time
  • Todoist: (semi) daily checklists
  • Checklists: cataloging daily and irregular checklists (e.g. pre-vacation)
    • now in a single file, could also be on this website
  • Obsidian: connected ideas
    • add to it daily, also review random note daily
  • Anki: remember ideas/things
    • add to it daily, review daily
  • This website: book summaries, notes from media, bigger essays

For instance, reading a book would mean the following:

  • Keeping tracking of my time in Toggl
  • Checkmark in Todoist every day (gentle reminder to read)
  • Checklist: one for what to do after finishing a book
  • During reading make notes in Obsidian if I have new insights (5-20 per book I think, less over time as some are already in the system by then)
  • Make a short summary on this website
  • And possibly put some more factoid knowledge pieces in Anki

Alright, that was a lot about how I keep track of things. Over the next few months I think the system will keep evolving and I hope to settle on something that helps me stay productive, focussed, and fulfilled.

Now onto the goals.

Goal 1: Write Nova (and possibly other short stories)

Still on hold, maybe something to do during a small ‘vacation’.

Goal 2: Improve this website

Already done in the first quarter. I do plan to add a dark mode, for which I have made the basics, but need to further finetune it.

Goal 3: Do something crazy for love

Not yet, but have planned a fun day for Lotte’s birthday.

Goal 4: Write essays about 6 topics

After the first two, I haven’t really progressed much. I started with music production but found I didn’t like it at this time. Then I worked on my stretching routine and have added a lot to the fitness page, but still need to write up one article about stretching itself.

I plan to do that this week.

The next one after that is probably plant-based or Effective Altruism.

Goal 5: Start a new and successful venture

You can check out the progress/projects under this venture at Blossom Act.

The last three months have still been an exploration. But things are starting to become more clear. I haven’t made any revenue, but see a way forward towards that soon.

With COVID, the in-person practice hasn’t started, but let’s see if this quarter (especially with not going on vacation), that could be done sooner than later.

Alright, that brings this update to an end. I’m still really satisfied with how life is going. And really happy that I can spend my time as I please. Things with Queal are still going well and this quarter we will celebrate its 6th birthday.

Public Commitment 2020 – Update 1

This year my theme is Upgrade. The goal is to use the things I already know, and apply/improve/renew it to build more new things.

The two big things that have come out of the first quarter are the two essays:

I’m happy with how the blogs have turned out.

As feedback for myself, I would say that I was way more focused on the first blog (spending upwards of an hour per day on it, on many days). Whilst for the second blog I needed quite some time to get started. I think that if that happens again, I should use my bi-weekly reminder as a real decision point, to continue or switch topics.

In the coming quarter I will continue to work on new topics. The next one I plan to tackle is to make some music myself (on the laptop). After that I will see again.

Now onto the goals.

Goal 1: Write Nova (and possibly other short stories)

This is on hold until later this year. I will maybe write a short story as a one-day project this quarter.

Goal 2: Improve this website

I’m really happy with the changes I’ve made recently. The website now looks much better with some ‘cards’ that display where I’m at with certain topics and themes. Check out the homepage to see more.

Goal 3: Do something crazy for love

Not happened yet, but I did install Sims 4 and Lotte is really happy with that (and instantly addicted).

Goal 4: Write essays about 6 topics

Two down, 4 more to go. I can say that I like the essay form and it enables me to think longer about a problem and connect more things (and link back where necessary and reread some of my notes on that topic).

Goal 5: Start a new and successful venture

You can check out the progress/projects under this venture at Blossom Act.

I’m still really in a creator-mode (making sure everything works), but soon I will start going into promotion/connection mode (and of course these things overlap). I’ve made some good connections already and will try and actively engage even more the coming months.

Next to the things that are live now, I’ve also had even more ideas and over time I think I can really keep working on Blossom for 10 years or even a lifetime (70 years).

Alright, that is it for this update. Check back with you next time.

Public Commitment 2020

This year I’ve started thinking about my goals halfway through December 2019. I wanted to combine what I’ve learned before, add some good new habits, and learn even more.

(recap of 2019 here)

As always these are the ‘goals’ and don’t fully reflect all the ongoing daily tasks/habits/etc. (but this year the overlap may be greater)

Without further ado, my goals for 2020.

Theme – Upgrade

In 2020 I plan to integrate what I’ve learned into new habits. My goal with this is to improve my life satisfaction and contribute more to society than ever before.

I plan to tackle several topics (see below) and dive deep into each one per 1-2 month(s). I will finish each one with an essay (which I will make during the period of time). I will also update/upgrade my habits or beliefs with regard to that topic.

Every two weeks I will check in with myself if I want to continue with this topic or move on to another one.

In the end, I will be happy (goal) if I will be able to tackle 6 of these topics. If I do more, that is of course also great.

One more note: A friend gave me feedback that most goals/themes are things only I can do/accomplish. By working together you can, of course, accomplish much more. So I’ve updated some goals/themes and should note that I should actively encourage working together/collaborating in achieving my goals.

The topics are partly replacing the goals (as per last year), but some goals are also mentioned separately below.

  1. Eat for Health & Energy
  2. Flexible Weightlifter
  3. Reason and Science
  4. Effective Altruist
  5. Dog Whisperer
  6. Financial Independence
  7. Writing
  8. Stoicism (Philosophy of Life)
  9. Making (electronic) Music
  10. Longevity
  11. Meditation
  12. Religion
  13. Entrepreneurship/Marketing

1. Eat for Health & Energy

I want to recap the books I’ve read about this and see what things I (and Lotte together) can make to have even better food habits. I think that some part of my food intake is too ‘random’ and that I can have some more ‘standard’ meals ready and know what is in each of them. Also, which ones give me enough energy in the gym (and during work). And how to still get enough protein whilst eating mostly vegan.

This theme will be done together with Lotte and during the month(s) I will share what I’ve been learning with her (and the other way around).

2. Flexible Weightlifter

For this topic, I want to learn (or better, do) more with weightlifting and being technically better at it. This requires flexibility and practice.

My plan for sports at this moment is to go 5 times per week. Three of these will be solely weightlifting. Two will be mostly bodybuilding (chest, back, abs) with one or two weightlifting exercises too. And of course, stretching every time.

This theme will be first done alone, but with help from a coach when I will focus on this one.

2. Reasons and Science

David Deutsch and Karl Popper will be my starting guides, but I plan to find out more from other sources too. I want to have a better grasp on what knowledge is, how to increase it, and how to think about some of those large questions (including consciousness). I understand that there is little consensus, but I hope to find some direction for myself.

Also here, discussion with friends is crucial.

4. Effective Altruist

Here I want to re-read some of the Effective Altruism (EA) books. Based on that I hope to introduce some new discussion topics for EA Rotterdam, and maybe see if I can find other ways to improve my impact (e.g. finding ways to motivate others to donate effectively).

Discussions with fellow members of the EA (Rotterdam) community will help my understanding and possibly also impact/reach.

5. Dog Whisperer

Max is already quite well-behaved. But I think we can do more. Learn new tricks, learn to walk alone more (and take more long walks through nature together), and be an even easier dog to sit for others.

This can be done together with Lotte, Onno, and other people who regularly interact with Max.

6. Financial Independence

Again, learn more about what I read, possibly implement some changes, update my financial model (message me if you want to have it).

7. Writing

As Goal 1 below states, I want to keep on writing for fun (and write quite a lot for work too). So why not learn better how to do this. Both with theory (and recapping what I’ve already read. As maybe a month of writing based on a prompt too (there is a subreddit for this).

8. Stoicism (Philosophy of Life)

I really like the works of some Stoic philosophers (both ancient as contemporary). How could it be if I could translate some of their work into my own words? (say 20 mini-essays? or just one long one after the month or so is over?). A good goal maybe for during vacation if I can find Kindle editions of all of them.

9. Making (electronic) Music

I really like electronic music (techno) and I think it would be a fun hobby to try and make some of my own. It would be awesome if I could find a style of my own (e.g. by using samples from movies/tv series as the ‘voice’ here and there). First, of course, I would have to learn the basics of FL Studio (editing program).

10. Longevity

I was really grasped by this subject, both in the summer of 2018 and again this year. I even started a small website but eventually didn’t do much with it. There is much happening there, much of it is just hype. It would be awesome if I could read more and draw some conclusions (and know where to look in the future to see ‘real’ updates).

11. Meditation

I think this might not become a full-blown month-topic. But I can imagine getting back to meditating more often (daily). And then also writing a small piece about my experience with it (I estimate that I’ve meditated for about 500 days now, so about 83 hours, not much – but it’s a start).

12. Religion

I didn’t have a religious upbringing and I fervently oppose much of what the organised religions say. But that is without understanding or knowing too much about their origins and having read the books themselves.

Subtopics I would be interested in are: talking with people from different religions, reading the books, looking deeper into the origins of religion (also from a more evolutionary/skeptic perspective), seeing also the positive things it brings to individuals/communities.

13. Entrepreneurship/Marketing

It’s something I think about/do most of my days. But I think a systematic review of what I’ve read/done could also be a good topic (maybe even one that spans 2 months or more).

Goal 1: Write Nova (and possibly other short stories)

I’m working on my second novella. This time about a couple that wants to have a child. They are contemplating why (to have kids), how (genetic upgrades), and live with the consequences.

I really like the writing process and I think that after this one I will also write some other stories. Suggestions are welcome. I like to combine something tech-related with a character-driven story.

Goal 2: Improve this website

  • Add Book Review specific page
  • Add essays (based on themes)

Goal 3: Do something crazy for love

Just like in 2018, I want to organise a nice day or do something else (unexpected, so you can’t guess honey) for Lotte.

Goal 4: Write essays about 6 topics

As per the above.

Goal 5: Start a new and successful venture

Behind the scenes, I’ve been working on this for quite a while. I’m not yet ready to release something, but when I do I will be contacting people in this field of study to learn more and collaborate.


Lotte and I will be taking a long trip around Asia. She will be away for 4,5 months, I a bit over 2 months. So that will also be an important and fun part of 2020 (and gives me plenty of time to read (and possibly write too)).


A last thing I was thinking about is that I shouldn’t want to be always working or ‘being on’. So just like with the number of themes (6 is good), I think that a target of being productive for 4 hours per day is also a good thing to keep in mind.

Public Commitment 2019 – Recap

This year my theme was Connection. To follow along with what I’ve been reading, learning, listening, see the Timeline.


Just like last year, marketing hasn’t been our strong suit. So, we’ve decided to stop doing ‘new’ marketing. We are now focussing more on our current customers and ‘just’ making great products.

So far, this had been going quite well and we plan to keep humming along this path. /marketing And the new bars are really good! /marketing

I’ve also started with a new project I hope to launch at the beginning of January.


In 2020 I’ve read 60 books. If I look back on which one was most influential, I would stick with one from 2019 and that is Triggers. I was keeping track about every second day (Did I do my best to… (habits)). But after a conversation with a friend, I track it every day now (with the help of a simple google form).

I also really enjoyed The Beginning of Infinity and The Fabric of Reality by David Deutsch.

For fiction, I would go with Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky as a very interesting sci-fi book with good science.

With sports, I’ve learned quite a bit about weightlifting and did online coaching for a month. Now I will focus on the lessons learned there, and do coaching again in a few months.


Another great year. Lotte and I are now living together and that has been going swell. Lots of time for friends, boardgames, some parties, and relaxation.

Next year I would like to see some old friends some more, but I wouldn’t say I want to change much about my personal life at this moment.

The Goals

So without spending too much time recapping, let’s take a look at the individual goals I set for myself, and what I made of it (and what I plan to do with it the coming year).

Goal 1: Make this website a true personal knowledge hub

The timeline is going well. Still, no time for essays, although I did make a draft for eating plant-based. And I plan to add a better overview of the book reviews soon.

Goal 2: Eat good meals that support my well-being 90% of the time

Still going well. For next year I want to focus on fine-tuning this. Maybe making some more vegan spreads for on bread and things like that. Normally I do eat 2 Queal meals during the weekday. Maybe I will experiment with replacing one with more ‘fresh’ foods.

Goal 3: Keep on improving my house

The hallway was upgraded (painting on the wall).

Double-glass is requested, but the company that would do it has not responded, so I need to call them again.

Goal 4: Achieve my fitness goals

I’ve made the 90kg Clean, alas I’m now having some pains with the Jerk. My highest Snatch is 62,5kg, but I think I might even be able to do more at this moment (did 60kg in normal training day).

Goal 5: Write Spero

Done, so now onto new stories.

To Conclude

Another great year, heck even a great decade. I can’t wait for the next year and what new things it will bring.