Humans Need Not Apply



Jerry kaplan


the question whether machines can think, is as relevant als asking if submarine can swim. better, faster.

unemployment and income inequality, whilst economy grows
field 1, machine learning, or synthetic intellect (no feelings or conciousness), give goal and let learn, field 2, sensors and actuators (robots)

EG GPS forged labour

risks: eg stock market 9% crash

worst outcome, fight between capital and labour, Marx predicted it.both forged labourers and synthetic intelligence

increasing wealth may float al yachts but sink al rowing boats

disrupt industries, but not looking at the carnage
1960, do this, then that. then copies that form neural networks. it works now because of exponential growth

give a machine some data, and you feed it for a millisecond; teach a computer to search, feed it for a millennium

ch2 teaching robots to heel

first dumb dangerous assembly machines, now smarter and with machine perception

performing tasks require resources and capabilities. four categories of resources: energy, awareness, reasoning, means (movement)

robot painters example

other trend, coalesce and simplify – phone = 10+ different things

future will look more like the past. complex, but will look simple

ch3 robotic pickpockets

high frequency trading

synthetic intellect observe broad or subtle patterns

ch4 the gods are angry

cookies, cross reference info

persuasion better done by synthetic intellect

what should they do for us, if you give goal, can take bad road to achieving it


ch4 the gods are angry

ch5 officer arrest that robot

moral agency, percieve consequences and choose between actions

people, companies and synthetic intellect can be moral agents. autonomous vehicles

principal agent relationship

for the law, no need for human of conciousness. only other 2

punish synthetic with stopping pursuing goal

ch6 America, land of the free shipping

Jeff bezos, books sell online, value in data – not inventory

there is no such thing as free shipping, someone always pays

team wins, buy more (expensive) champagne?

personal freedom, but not as collective. controlled by synthetic intellect

see only top of iceberg. you get small benefit (if at all), rest is for the Amazons

ch7 America home of the brave pharohs

author has the good life, but is not even in the 1%

money = power, to divert society’s resources towards matters of personal interest to you

a robust middle-class is not needed for economy to work. Egypt, pyramids.

40% of workforce can be employed by the capital gains of 1%

5% could spend half of retail money

rich, erosion of meaning. everything freely a, nothing has value. separate wealth from day to day, to keep emotional growth

ch8 take this job and automate it

global warming no problem, but the pace is. same with tech change
replaces workers. replace skills, can we adapt?

forged labourers will displace the need for most skilled labour, synthetic intellects will largely supplant the skilled trades of the educated

synthetic intellects need no order (the organised mind book)

cyclical and structural unemployment
ook studenten/scholierenbaantjes verdwijnen (aardbei plukken) vakken vullen?

automation is blind to the colour of your collar. eg law

EG medical Watson

Oxford research, 47% jobs high risk automation, near future

school, focus on vocational training

his idea, job mortgage

ch9 the fix is in
all other things considered, equality of pay is best factor happiness

give jobless money, they do contribute (eg write the book, volunteer work)

today less people work. household income stayed the same

equal division of wealth. taxes higher if less people benefit

ownership in each other (and companies)

jobs? rebalance workers and jobs

outtroduction welcome to your children’s future

language also lacking. frames our thinking

dark factory, synthetic intellects owning themselves