Law of Motion

If I could be qualified to give layman’s description of Newton’s first law of motion, I would go with the following: If something is in motion it will keep moving at the same speed if no obstacle is encountered and no drag is experienced. Imagine a spaceship, or better Voyager 1, moving through space without anything in its way. Voyager 1 is currently 18.2 billion kilometres away from the sun. How did it get so far?

No Obstacles

The first reason is the vastness of space. There is not much it can bump into. And even these things have been calculated.

The same can go for businesses, if you choose a blue ocean strategy (more in a future blog), you will have a whole category/product to yourself. And when competitors show you, you must be the one that has the manoeuvrability to go around them and outcompete them. Only that way you can keep your momentum.

No Drag

The second reason is the emptiness of space. There is nothing dragging Voyager 1 down to a screeching halt. It moves fluently through space, never slowing down.

In business, I see this as the way you’ve organized your own company. Everyone should be working on the same goals, there should be no friction. It’s only with speed that you get to see the returns for all your work. An unnecessarily hierarchical or slow company can be its own worst enemy.

At Queal, I believe we are on top of these things. The drag is minimal within our organisation and our goals are clear. What can improve is the clarification of our goals to our partners. And with regards to the obstacles, we are still working in an ever-increasing universe, let’s see if we can create our own Milky Way.

How about you and/or your organization?