Power Moves

Power Moves by Adam Grant is a ‘book’ that was made for Audible (Amazon) and I think I can best describe it as 5 long-form podcast episodes mashed together. A bit of Tim Ferriss and a bit of Masters of Scale. The stories are good, but I don’t think it dives very deep.

One lesson from it is that power is moving down, that people get more of a say. And I might agree with this, but at the same time there is still a lot of power at the top and money still moves most things. But if I look at it optimistically, then yes, I can see the power moving.

Here is the excerpt: “Grant delivers a heady mix of captivating interviews, compelling data, and his unmistakably incisive and actionable analysis, to give us a crash course in power that both inspires and instructs from the front lines. In interviews with two dozen CEOs, start-up founders, top scientists, and thought leaders—including top executives at Google, GM, Slack, and Goldman Sachs, the CEO of the Gates Foundation, and NASA’s former chief scientist—he shares hard-earned insights on how to succeed in this new era of hyper-linked power. He also explores how power is reshaping everything from the workforce, to the rise of women in the office, to the influence of scientists on policy. As pillars of traditional power are transformed by networks of informed citizens, the use of power is increasingly seen as a force for good in the world, from one that was once coveted to one that demands to be shared.”

What I like is that he has access to some of the most powerful people in the world. And they speak to him candidly. I think the book is best for people who need to work with power dynamics a lot (e.g. in a large corporation) and who will then benefit from knowing a little more about where the trends and forces are moving.