Public Commitment 2015 – Update 1

Dear friends, family, and interested readers,

Welcome to the first update of 2015. I will write a short recap on each of the 90-day goals, and will commit myself to another set of 90-day goals!

Once again there is a section of call to action‘s for anyone who would like to help me out.

January 2015 – March 2015 Recap

[icon type=”check”] Complete   [icon type=”minus”] Half    [icon type=”times”] Failed

[icon type=”minus”] I have published a goal-setting guide

Instead of a guide on how to set goals I’ve built a website that makes it easy for anyone to make their own goals. With a simple form, you can enter your goals, we will print it and you will receive it at home in a few days.


In the next three months, I will be working on improving the site and also adding a more in-depth guide on goal-setting!

[icon type=”times”] I have gained 100 subscribers to my blog

To be honest I have only been posting my updates of book reviews here and have barely been making (very) long posts. Other obligations have kept me busy and my Fridays haven’t been about blogging as much as I wanted. See below for my new goal related to my blog.

[icon type=”check”] I have started a webshop leadership group

With a few other owners of webshops, Onno (good friend and co-founder of Queal) and I get together once a month and discuss things related to all aspects of owning a webshop & company. The first few sessions have been very inspiring.

[icon type=”check”] I have 1 senior mentor

A few weeks ago I had the first meeting with a friend of my parents and after the inspiring talk, I’ve asked him to be my mentor. Our conversation gave me lots to think about, here is the main one: If you are an advisor (something I aspire) you don’t have to make decisions. This, on the one hand, means less stress, but also means less responsibility and influence.

[icon type=”minus”] I have learned how to do marketing for Queal

Queal has been growing quite rapidly since the inception. We are now a team of 6 and I believe that the growth will also continue in the coming three months. For this, I would like to focus more on marketing and less on operations. I’m giving myself a ‘meh’ because I believe that I don’t have enough knowledge yet and would like to learn more in the coming three months (related book reviews are on their way).

[icon type=”minus”] I have a shareable investment plan

Investing is tougher than I thought. A lot of the good information is for the American market and I still haven’t figured out how to do the best passive investment here in The Netherlands. I will get back in three months (maybe even with another website).

[icon type=”check”] I have read/listened 10+ books

Yes, yes, yes. From A Random Walk Down Wall Street to A More Beautiful Question, I’ve kept myself quite committed to reading every morning. Audiobooks on the bike are also still a great way of reading/listening to the more ‘light’ books (e.g. Moby Dick).

If you are struggling to read more I would recommend that you start with 15 minutes each morning, and to get some audiobooks for during your commute.

[icon type=”minus”] I study/learn every Friday

It may sound weird but this might have been my most ambitious goal. Not going back to work, having enough energy, not using the free time to watch some series has been a real challenge. I love the concept of taking time for myself and improving my skills. But even for me – the committed planner – this has been difficult. So I admit that I have failed a few of the past weeks, and I will commit to this goal with twice the resolution for the coming three months.

[icon type=”check”] I spend 2+ days a week with Kris

From Paris to Bergschenhoek, were having fun. No need to say anything more here.

[icon type=”check”] I am playing the saxophone weekly

After 6,5 years of not playing, I’ve started playing again. To be honest I am surprised by how easy it is to play again. Of course, it’s still difficult to learn new songs, but reading the notes and playing with passion is kinda like riding a bike.

[icon type=”times”] I have adopted a time-management principle that is in line with goal(setting)

In the last few weeks, I’ve been running a bit low on energy and time. It’s not that I get a million things done also. So here I’ve put an X to remind myself that I need to be better at managing my time. This means sticking to weekly goal setting on Sunday, making a daily schedule and figuring out when I’m most productive/effective. For the next three months, I think it’s wise to include energy levels too.

[icon type=”minus”] I have participated in 1 run

Two runs are coming up soon (10k during Rotterdam Marathon & 14k on Scheveningen Beach). My knee is hurting a bit so that isn’t great, but I’m just going to go easy a bit and continue building stamina.

Mini update: Yesterday I hurt my right knee, don’t know if I will be able to participate in the runs… 🙁

[icon type=”times”] I have visible abs

Sorry guys and gals, although I’ve lost about 5kg I don’t have the six-pack you’ve been waiting for. (rationalization) I also think it wouldn’t really suit me with having a lot of muscle behind the nice layer of fat I have now. So for the next three months, there is weight training on the menu and with a slight focus on not gaining any fat.

[icon type=”check”] I have started a monthly philosophy dinner-club

It took a short while but the philosophy dinner-club had their first meeting. And it was great; lively discussion and it actually made me change my mind on the subject at hand. From now on the meetings will be monthly (with maybe an exception in the summer) and there are some amazing people participating!

[icon type=”check”] I have found where I want to donate 10% of my income

On you can compare charities based on their impact. Because the first (most effective) charity is the only one who is registered as ANBI in The Netherlands I’ve chosen to give everything to them (Against Malaria Foundation). I do believe that only giving is somewhat passive so I will be thinking of other things to do that help impact the world in a positive way.

1 year
Career 1 I turn a (indirect) profit from my blogs
I have written 3 guides on leadership / goal-setting / motivation
I’m a member of 2 leadership groups
I have 2 senior mentors
I’ve build Queal to be worth 1 million euro’s
Financial 3 I have educated myself on investing
I invest 20%+ of my income
I spend <1000 on expenses
Education 2 I study leadership and related topics 9 hours per week
I have read 40+ books
I have completed 3 online courses
Family 4 I have found a life-partner
Artistic 9 I have again learned to play the saxophone
I have learned ballroom dancing
Attitude 7 I have learned about time-management, energy levels, and activity management
Physical 5 I have participated in 3 obstacle runs
I have visible abs (<15% BF)
I am in the 1000 pound club
Pleasure 6 I run a monthly philosophy dinner-club
I have discovered a new country
Public Service 8 I have donated 10% of my income
I run a fundraiser in December
I have an overview of school leadership challenges


90 day action plan
Career 1 I have writen 4 long form (3000+ words) posts
I have build to include a goal-setting guide
I have another senior mentor
I have kept Queal growing 20% month-on-month
Financial 2 I have a shareable investment plan (possibly website)
Education 3 “I have read/listened to 10+ books
I have completed 1 Coursera
I only do long-term things on Fridays
Family 4 Kris and I have started ballroom dancing
Artistic 9 I am playing the saxophone weekly
Attitude 6 I know my energy levels + related time-management
Physical 5 I have done 2 runs
I focus on building strength
Pleasure 8 I have dinner with at least 1 friend per week
Public Service 7 I donate 10% of my income


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This has been the first update of my 2015 goals, a good start, I’m ready for more!

“Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.” – Albert Einsteind