Public Commitment 2016 – Q2

Based on my goals for 2016 I’ve made the following goals for the next 3 months (Q2).

These goals are more concrete and the continuing goals (i.e. habits) are not listed.

If you want to join in for any of the goals, please let me know via email, facebook or LinkedIn!


Entrepreneur (1)

I find the first clients for LifePlanning

I solidify the core message for Queal

I make a comprehensive overview of my start-up knowledge


Student (2)

I blog every day (for at least 40 days)

I get 100 subscribers to my weekly blog email

I have summarized all the books I have read


Sportsman (4)

I run a sub 3.45 marathon (in 4 days, aahhhhhh)

I am under 12% body fat

I finish the iron viking

I continue to drink only occasional


Active Friend (3)

I have a dog

I continue to help 3+ friends with their businesses

I go on at least 1 (small) vacation


Philosopher Altruist (5)

I organize 3 EA Rotterdam meetings

I find a permanent team to help run the meetings


Clerk (6)

I do my personal finances every 15th and last day of the month

I pause (plan & meditate) every morning

I make amazing artwork for my house


What do you think? Too ambitious, vague, cool, boring? Or like to join any of the goals?