Public Commitment 2020 – Update 4

This year my theme was Upgrade. The goal is to use the things I already know and apply/improve/renew them to build more new things.

As I look back on 2020 I see that in some ways I’ve held true to this theme. I’ve been able to use knowledge I had before and build on that. For instance, I’ve been very consistent in weightlifting, knowing a thing or two about programming. And even using this to be flexible when the gyms are (still) closed.

I think that in other regards I haven’t been focussed enough on my goals/theme. I’ve been doing a lot of things for Blossom (my new company, goal 5) and that has been very rewarding. Yet at the same time, I’ve neglected other things like writing essays or make time to write summaries of books (through which I believe I will be better able to remember them).

I have started working more on knowledge systems like spaced repetition (using Anki – a flashcard app). In the coming year I plan to build this out further. But before we go to 2021, here is my reflection on the goals of 2020.

Goal 1: Write Nova (and possibly other short stories)

As mentioned in the last update, not something that has a priority for me now. I have updated my daily check-in to ask not if I’ve written for 30 minutes, but if I’ve written something original. So diverting it from the original goal of writing fiction to also include anything written here or for Blossom or Queal.

Goal 2: Improve this website

This worked well and I’m happy with how the website looks. I do have plans for some more things (like dark mode and some adjustments to the homepage). Not very high on the priority list, but definitely something to do.

Goal 3: Do something crazy for love

Alas, all my plans were thwarted by the ongoing pandemic. Or I just wasn’t serious enough about completing this goal with the current circumstances.

Goal 4: Write essays about 6 topics

The post about Effective Altruism took a long time, but I’m happy with the result. I do plan on writing more (smaller) posts for the next year.

In the end I’ve written/worked on 4 posts/topics.

Goal 5: Start a new and successful venture

Still going very well in terms of developing my understanding of psychedelics and mapping the territory.

Not going that well in terms of monetization. I also haven’t put in much work to get that going to be honest. But it is something to work on in the coming year. This could either be the coaching I’m planning to do (post-covid?) and the online resources that should be able to make some money.