Public Commitment 2022

This year’s theme is Living Fully.

Last year (2021) I found myself being less happy/satisfied/fulfilled than I think I can be.

So this year living fully is the underlying theme.

One example of where I plan to improve is to be better at stopping work at 6pm. This will give me more room to enjoy things in the evening, but also more energy and focus to get work done before that time. As Cal Newport (also featured in last year’s update) would say, we are working 20% too much (number of tasks/commitments), and by cutting out some of that, also next to work (e.g. voorzitter VvE, EA Rotterdam meetups), I think I can be more fulfilled and produce better results in the end.

Here is the preliminary Q1 2022 plan

  • Blossom: get (average) revenue >€3000
  • Flo Coaching: Book 10 clients
  • Sport: Finish 19km obstacle run (start of April)
  • Relationships: Stop working after 18:00 on most days
  • Life: Read in evenings (vs YT etc)
  • House: Plan new kitchen