Now, what Floris does.

FLO Coaching.

In the second half of 2023, I've relaunched the psychedelic-assisted coaching business. This time, I'm doing it together with my fiancee Lotte. Together we will offer sessions for people to explore their inner minds, think about their future, and achieve personal growth.

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In 2023, I'm spending most of my time building out the resources for Blossom. Over the last 3,5 years, I've built a massive database of psychedelic research and made it available for free. It includes useful functions like searching through tens of characteristics of research papers (e.g. authors, study type), and adjecent databases such as clinical trials and courses.

This year will see me building more of these resources, using this knowledge in consultancy gigs, and starting to monitise the databases where it makes sense. All with the goal of making psychedelics available quicker and for more people - both for mental health (the focus now) and later also personal development (non-medical use).

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In 2023, I'm continuing to enjoy the work we're doing on building Queal. We've been at this for almost 8 years and I still eat two meals of Queal each workday. We have updates for the bars in the works, revamped our biggest promotion (now called Queal Quarterly), and reignited our blog.

Though I don't spend most of my time with Queal, it's my first big entrepreneurial love and we continue to enjoy the different challenges running it brings up.

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