Things I Do.

What keeps me busy

During the day I'm the CEO of a small start-up named Queal (quick + meal). We sell complete meals all around the world. They help you be productive, efficient, and makes sure you get all the nutrition you need.

In my free time I'm learning (Olympic) weightlifting, read about a book per week (from sci-fi to entrepreneurship), hang out with my dog Max (Friesian Stabyhoun), and live together with my girlfriend Lotte. I also organise Effective Altruism Meetups in Rotterdam.

I've written Spero, a novella about hope and AI. And I've written various essays, book reviews, and short articles about a variety of topics on this website.

Next to Queal I'm working on Blossom, a project that centers around using psychedelics for therapy and self-development. See the project website for the latest updates.

At a later date, I might add a chronological timeline (let's call it a curriculum vitae) of my activities/jobs/studies here.